How to Create a Vault Full of Super Dwellers (Max Stats, Max Health, Max Awesomeness)

How to Create a Vault Full of Super Dwellers (Max Stats, Max Health, Max Awesomeness)

Super. Dwellers.

What does that even mean? It’s means squeezing every last drop from your Dwellers to achieve the pinnacle of excellence. Maxed SPECIAL stats, maxed health, maxed level. Many desire it, but few every achieve it. If your curious as to how it’s done, read on.

Sure, you can get some pretty cool Rare and Legendary Dwellers from lunchboxes, but where’s the fun in that? Lunchboxes are expensive anyway and you can produce superior Dwellers with the method below.

As a warning, this method is not for the weak-willed. It requires some hard work. Well, the Dwellers, not you. You have much, much more important things to do as Overseer, like sip your coffee and decide which Dwellers to kill off next.

So when you a need a break from designing your next Dweller torture device, you may as well send the Dwellers you don’t hate to do something useful. You know, those one’s that were born weeks ago and have been on a perma-coffee break. Those ones.

1. Build Triple Training Rooms for each SPECIAL Stat

Since there are 7 SPECIAL stats, there are 7 different types of training rooms. The more people training in the room at once, the faster they’ll train, so triples are best.

2. Round up your Level 1 Dwellers

If you don’t have any, start making babies or build more radio rooms. All new Dwellers start at level one. While it’s not essential to start at level 1, it’s the only way to max out health (and possibly some other hidden stats we’re currently unaware of).

3. Place them into the Training Rooms

It’s best to pair groups of Dwellers by stat level so you can match progress as much as possible. If you have fewer than 42 Dwellers you’d like to train, fill up the remaining spaces with other Dwellers.

4. Check in occasionally to Increase their Stat Level

For 6 Dwellers training together, here’s how long it’ll take for each level

1 – 2: 22 minutes

2 – 3: 1 hour 7 minutes

3 – 4: 2 hours 14 minutes

4 – 5: 3 hours 43 minutes

5 – 6: 5 hours 35 minutes

6 – 7: 7 hours 49 minutes

7 – 8: 10 hours 25 minutes

8 – 9: 13 hours 24 minutes

9 – 10: 16 hours 45 minutes

5. Once Their Skill Reaches 10, Switch!

10 is the max you can level up a Dweller’s skill level. On to the next one. In a perfect world, your Dwellers would hit max at the same time. If that’s the case, you lucked out. Big Time.  Simply rotate each group of 6 Dwellers from room to room and they should all level at nearly the same time.

If your Dwellers reach 10 at different times, you can swap on a case-by-case basis.

6. Keep on Truckin’

Keep on working at it, and you’ll have a maxed dweller in no time. With perfect timing, it’ll take you about 82 hours to level a stat from 1 to 10, or about 3 and a half days. For all 7 stats, it can be done in 30.5 days!

For your convenience (and sanity), check-in every 12 hours or so. Using this approach, your Dwellers will reach max in about 40 days.

7. Level Up to 50

Congratulations! Your Dwellers now have maxed SPECIAL stats, meaning with each level up they will get full boosts to their secondary stats, including health, which has been discovered to govern health increases per level.

The simplest method to level up your Dwellers is to send them to the Wasteland. Load them up with your best weapons, outfits and meds and they should take out everything that crosses their path. As an added bonus, your Dwellers should have no issue reaching The National Guard Depot, and have a chance at bringing in some Legendary loot!

How to Delete the Vault Door Elevator in Fallout Shelter in 5 Steps

Howdy, Fallout Shelter Addicts! Today we’re going to take a look at a popular request: getting rid of that elevator by the Vault Door.

Warning: Once a room is placed by the Vault Door, it cannot be removed without completely rebuilding your Vault. Choose wisely.

1. Start a new Vault


The best way to accomplish this is to start fresh because this process requires you to destroy everything. Even if you’re game for burning down the Vault, you’re going to need a steady crop of Dwellers to repopulate the Vault, which the intro provides readily.

2. Complete the tutorial


Move in the first two Dwellers, rush, build rooms, move in new Dwellers etc.

3. Kill off all of your Dwellers


That’s right. Kill them all! Either rush your Dwellers until they croak or take the long approach or send them to the Wasteland.


Once they’ve died, remove them from the Vault.

4. Destroy all rooms in the Vault


In order to delete an elevator, you must first delete all rooms connected to it. In this case, that means every room.

5. Voila! You can now delete the Vault Door Elevator


Delete the Vault door and rebuild! As stated before, make sure you’re happy with the room you’ve build by the Vault door. Once built, it cannot be removed without repeating this process from step 3.


24 Tips All Android Users Should Know Before Playing Fallout Shelter: A Beginner’s Guide

The wait is finally over. Fallout Shelter is arriving on Android on Thursday, August 13th, or about two weeks  away as of this writing.

Here are some tips for Android users (or any other Overseers just beginning their journey) that I wish I knew when I built my first Vault.

Note: This guide is designed for those who are familiar with the basic mechanics of Fallout Shelter. If you’re not familiar, check out our Start-Up Guide.

Note 2: Everything below regarding radroaches is also true for Mole rats. They are essentially a slightly beefed-up version of radroaches.

1. Read the Instructions (if you can find them)

The folks at Bethesda were kind enough to include instructions for the game to help Overseers learn the ropes. The problem is that it is hidden in the cryptic menu system in the lower right-hand corner. The menu can be found by tapping the lunchbox icon, then the second icon from the bottom, then tapping the “Help” tab on the top of the menu. We’ve included screenshots of the instructions at the link above for your convenience.

Though the game does provide a brief tutorial at the beginning, it is enough to cover only the absolute basics.

2. Bigger rooms are better

In the previous versions of the games, double POWER rooms were more effective than triples. This is has been fixed in the update, so MERGE! MERGE! MERGE!

3. Build your FOOD & WATER rooms close to your POWER Rooms

If you run low on POWER, the game will shut down the rooms furthest from your POWER rooms first. This is best handled by having your POWER on one side of the Vault and your resource rooms in the middle, leaving your other rooms on the opposite side.

4. Running low on WATER will irradiate your Dwellers. Running low on FOOD will reduce their health.

Increase your WATER levels by adding more Dwellers to you water rooms, or by upgrading the rooms. When water levels return to normal, your Dwellers radiation will go away (no need for Radaways).

Similarly, low FOOD will lower your Dwellers health, which will recover on its own when FOOD levels are brought above minimum levels.

5. Assigning dwellers  appropriately, radio rooms, making babies and rushing successfully increases overall happiness…

Assigning Dwellers to the appropriate room is key to happiness. This is determined by a Dweller’s highest SPECIAL stat, including outfit bonuses. Room skill determines how quickly you produce resources, so it’s a win-win.

Appropriate rooms are as follows: Strength – POWER rooms, Perception – WATER rooms, Endurance – Storage Rooms or Nuka Cola Plants (we recommend the Wasteland), Charisma – Radio Rooms or Living Quarters, Intelligence – Science Labs or MedBays, Agility – FOOD rooms, Luck – See next highest SPECIAL skill. Click here for more on SPECIAL stats

Happiness is important to keep productivity at its max. For each 10% increase in overall happiness, your vault gets a 1% overall boost in productivity, which can tip the scales from stability to disaster if you’re not careful.

Also, Radio Rooms increase overall happiness 1% per 10 Charisma and making babies increases both Dwellers to 100% happiness. Rushing successfully increases happiness by 10%.

6. …while failing rushes, radiation, low health and corpses decreases happiness

If you have unhappy dwellers for no reason, it’s probably a dead guy. The game does not notify you if a Dweller dies, so you may find a nice bloated surprise every now and then.

7. If you need help finding a particular Dweller, use the Dweller Menu (top-left)

The list defaults to alphabetical order, but can be sorted by level, SPECIAL, or assignment (use this to find Dwellers with no jobs. Their assignment will be listed as “Coffee Break”). Speaking of level…

8. Health Points are determined by Dweller level

High-level Dwellers will have more Health Points, making them better Vault Guards. The maximum Dweller level is currently 50. Dwellers’ HP will be fully replenished at level up (more on the Wasteland here)

9. It’s never too early to start exploring the Wasteland

Explorers help acquire weapons and outfits to boost SPECIAL stats for your Dwellers, which is great early in the game. What’s more, Dwellers do not use Vault FOOD and WATER while exploring. Since it takes about 3-4 hours to have a baby, a good strategy early on is to impregnate your Female Dwellers, send your male Dwellers out to explore for two hours, then recall them in time to support the children. Bringing us to our next point…

10. Pregnant Dwellers are immortal

They cannot be killed. If radroaches or raiders attack, they will hide in the living quarters until the attackers are killed. If there is no one to attack, raiders and radroaches will leave after visiting each room.

11. Lunchboxes come quickly at first, then slow down dramatically

If you don’t get any legendary or rare Dwellers in your first 6 or 7 lunchboxes, sometimes it’s best to start over. Having a Dweller or two with high SPECIAL stats to start makes things much, much easier.

12. Upgrading Rooms can be dangerous

If you rush and fail, radroaches may attack the room. Radroach strength and hp is determined by room level, so be sure you have the appropriate Dweller level and weapon strength before rushing, or face the consequences.

If you do find yourself outmatched, move your Dwellers to another to live to fight another day. The radroaches will spread and are a new instance, so health and difficulty are based on the room they currently infest. Basically, if the tough radroaches move to a low-level room, the radroaches will be low-level and vice-versa.

13. Raiders and Deathclaws become more difficult as your Dwellers level up.

Starting off with weak melee weapons, Raiders eventually get laser weapons and increase in quantity. A good way to handle this is to equip your highest level Dwellers with your strongest weapons and have them work on the first floor.

Raiders will attack the first room inhabited by Dwellers. Since you can only place two Dwellers in the Vault Door room, it’s a good idea to have a triple WATER or FOOD room on the first floor. You may also consider removing the default single Living Quarters eventually to allow for a larger defense squad in the first room.

14. Upgrading the Vault Door increases the time it takes Raiders and Deathclaws to enter the Vault

If you use the above strategy, you can skip upgrading entirely, as it slows down the process. Once upgraded, you cannot downgrade, so plan accordingly.

15. You cannot build or upgrade rooms while incidents are occurring

This includes raider attacks, fires, radroaches, mole rats and deathclaws.

16. Merging rooms resets their rush failure rate (but upgrading does not)

When building double or triple rooms, you can put a Dweller in the single for a cheap rush.

17. Merging rooms, then upgrading is cheaper than upgrading individually

To save on caps: merge first, upgrade second.

18. …and rooms of the same upgrade level will automatically merge

When building rooms of the same type adjacent to one-another, make sure they are not the same level if you do not want them to merge. Once merged, rooms cannot be split.

If you accidentally merge two rooms and would like to undo it, you have to delete both rooms and start from scratch–a real pain early on in the game, but after a month or two, you’ll have more caps than you know what to do with. Don’t sweat it.

19. Be sure you like the placement of your Living Quarters before reaching 200 Dwellers

Once you reach 200 Dwellers, you’ll have to kill existing Dwellers to move Living Quarters. The larger the Living Quarters, the more Dwellers you’ll have to kill. See the Living Quarters Room Data guide for more details.

20. Rush success rate is determined by average room skill and average luck

Each point in room skill and luck reduces rush fail rate by 2%. With high enough skill, you can reach 0%!

The simplest way to reach the lowest fail rate is to have your best Dweller alone in the room. Once you’ve levelled up your Dwellers, you can simply leave them all in there, because the effect becomes marginal once everyone is fully trained in both luck and the room skill.

21. You can play frequently or infrequently as you want without penalty

Your Dwellers do not continue to use resources when you close out the app. Your vault goes to sleep, essentially freezing resource consumption, allowing you to play when convenient without penalty. Your Dwellers will continue to train and explore, however.

New players feel the need to check their Vault frequently to make sure everything is ok. Worry not! Your Vault will be just as you left it.

22. SPECIAL skill points above 10 matter

Though 10 is the max for SPECIAL skills, Dwellers can reach up to 17 points in a skill using outfit bonuses.

23. The game has no proper end

Similar to sandbox games such as Minecraft, there is no predefined story to follow. You create your own story. Whether it be a stable, healthy Vault or a twisted experimental Vault, the choice is entirely yours. Have fun with it!

24. No matter how bad things get, you can always recover.

I once watched all but 40 of my 100 Dwellers in my Vault get slaughtered by radroaches all because accidentally I left the app open. My FOOD and WATER levels reached zero quickly. Everyone was miserable. I nearly deleted the app.

I decided to see if it’s possible to recover, and it turns out, it wasn’t that bad. The game does a great job of allowing you to recover. After rearranging the survivors into rooms that still had power, I was able to recover quickly. By the next day, I had fully recovered. Bottom line: don’t panic. You will recover.


Fallout Shelter is a fun and addicting experiment Bethesda has assembled for us. With their announcement that they will continue to support it for a long time, you can expect your time investment to be rewarded with more content down the road. Remember these tips during your first play-through, and you can avoid the pitfalls we encountered. Have fun out there, and good luck!

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Fallout Shelter Android Release Date Announced! August 13th – Deathclaws, Mole Rats, Mr. Handy

Photo Jul 24, 2 51 20 PM Photo Jul 24, 2 51 16 PM

The wait is over! Bethesda announced the release date for Fallout Shelter to debut for Android August 13th with new features added.

Mole rats and Deathclaws will now attack your vault along with raiders and RadRoaches.

Also added is Mr. Handy, who will automatically collect resources for you! Handy indeed!

Worry not, iOS users. The added functionality will be added in an update in the apple store on the 13th as well.

Source: at the 14:42 mark. Will update with new info as it comes in 🙂

Update: Looks like Mr. Handy can also defend your Vault and venture the Wastelands! Still waiting to hear how he’s unlocked.

Update 2: Mr. Handy reported as a Lunchbox Reward

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Fallout Shelter Glitches & Bugs (Version 1.0.3)

Update notes confirmed using an iPhone 6 (running iOS 8.4). Other devices may vary. 

Update 2: New update coming August 13th! Click here for more info

At long last, the devs at Bethesda have graced us with an update to the bug-riddled app we all know and love. Here’s a breakdown on the changes they’ve made.

Stimpak Glitch – Fixed!

If attempted, the Stimpak Glitch will no longer allow your Dweller to keep the meds. Instead, they will return to your inventory. Your Dweller will, however, wander the Vault with his gun drawn like a paranoid maniac (Enough random Radroach attacks will do that)

Lunchbox Glitch – Fixed!

For those of you who would like a healthy supply of free Lunchboxes to start a new Vault, we recommend waiting to update your app. Start your new Vault, use the Lunchbox glitch to stack up a healthy supply, then update at will to take full advantage of the glitch. Cleared objectives will also remain on your screen until collected, preventing players from completing objectives and not collecting (one of the keys to performing this glitch).

Child Labor Glitch – Fixed!

Your children can no go back to being useless, little free-loaders. Hey, everyone needs a childhood, especially post-apocalypse.

Permanently Pregnant Dwellers Glitch – Fixed!

Your Permapregnant Dwellers (or permapreggers as I like to call them) will now give birth per usual fashion!

Improved stability at 200 Dwellers

The Dweller List (top-left icon) will now function normally, lag-free, with all sort functions usable! (Love, love having this back)

Improved Explorer Menu Speed

With multiple Dwellers in the wastes, the menu would often lag, and sometimes cause the app crash. Not anymore! The Explorer Menu runs smoothly and lag free. Much needed for Explore-a-holics!

In-Game Photo Functionality

The game now allows you to take photos of your Dwellers with a single tap of the photo button. This allows you to take photos without the HUD. Helpful for those who would rather not disclose how many caps they have stashed away.

Still Needs Fixing

Alternate Outfit Glitch 

While exploring the waste land, your Dweller will automatically equip any outfit they find that is more rare than the one they are currently wearing. However, if your dweller finds an outfit for the opposite gender, they will still equip it. This causes your dweller to change outfits each time you load the game.

The outfits shown are from the pool of outfits wasteland recruits wear before moving them into the Vault. The glitch persists until you unequip the outfit, but why would you? It’s nice to have some variety in your Dwellers.
Free Rock Destroy Glitch 

When building a room that will nearly bring your total to 0, you can double-dip your caps by destroying rocks in the build menu.


Note the caps total before an after. The room initially cost 200 caps, but the game allows you to build it regardless of the remaining total. After destroying the rocks, the game will still allow you to build the room. This is a nice bonus as rocks and rooms become more expensive.
Note: the game will not allow you to build behind destroyed rocks, so plan accordingly.

Negative Time Glitch 

Occasionally Explorers will get a legendary outfit or weapon within the first 10 minutes of exploration. This is randomly triggered by sending a group of explorers out to the Wasteland, then force closing the app. Wait 10 minutes, then reload your Vault. About 1 in 6 times (EDIT: Still testing the odds. Appears to be much higher than 1 in 6), the entire group will receive legendary items.

Edit: Force closing does not seem to work. Going to settings -> main menu may be more effective. Working on update.

Note the time of collection. Anything 00:00 or less will result in legendary drops!

New Glitches

Floating Dwellers

If you assign Dwellers from one FOOD Room to another, they will begin wandering your Vault as if they had no assignment. If you assign them to a new room, they will float through the walls and floors. I first noticed it when upgrading a triple diner, but that may be coincidental.

This glitch is amusing at first, but a true annoyance once the novelty wears off. Hope Bethesda fixes this one swiftly.

Vault Entrance Constant Flamer

After successfully defending the vault from raiders, a dweller may continue to operate the flame thrower when placed in the Vault Entrance. If the Dweller changes walking direction, the flame will stay in the previous direction (see below)

Vault Entrance Flamer Glitch

The glitch lasts until you close the app or move the Dweller.


The update is much needed and has seemingly eliminated crashing from the game (crash-free so far, at least). We recommend waiting to update unless you’ve had your fun with the glitches and would like increased stability at 100+ Dwellers.

Already installed the new version and want to go back? Click here!

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Bethesda and XBox Rollout a Sweet Digital Download Bundle – Fallout 4 Pre-order + Bonus Fallout 3!

Bethesda has done it again! With the hype behind the upcoming release of Fallout 4, I know I’m not the only one longing for another trip to the DC Wasteland. Fallout 3 was a spectacular game, but

Now you can get both Fallout 3 and 4 for the price of one!

Pre-order your digital copy of Fallout 4 and you will receive a redemption code for Fallout 3.

The Fallout 3 digital download on Xbox 360 currently sells for $14.99. Deal is good for Xbox One backwards-compatible version of Fallout 3 once available. See link above for more details.

Let the Wasteland Games Begin! — What I Learned By Sending 10 Dwellers to their Death

Once you reach 200 Dwellers in Fallout Shelter, the game changes in ways you may not expect. Though it’s to be expected once you reach the population cap that you cannot have anymore kids, a whole new crop of challenges appear:

  • Want to find a Dweller? If you’re planning on using the Dweller Menu, better do it early on! It’s one of many reliable sources of game crashes at the moment.
  • Radio Room Dwellers stop recruiting new Dwellers, which isn’t too surprising, but they also wander aimlessly throughout the room like they’re doing nothing. Pro-tip: They still have a use! Dwellers in Radio Rooms raise happiness 0.1% per Charisma
  • If you earn any lunch-boxes and you happen to score a Dweller, which is awesome, you will be faced with a choice: kill off a Dweller or let your awesome new Dweller stand outside of your Vault forever.

The last problem is exactly what happened to me, and since I had a whole crop of young, unleveled Dwellers, the choice was easy. I found the first Dweller under level 10 without any SPECIAL skill training, and off to the wastes he went.

Brian being sent to his death (RIP)

So long, Brian!

Little did I know, Brian had other plans. When I went to check on his corpse, I was greeted with a perfectly healthy, smiling Brian equipped with a gun.

Brian found a gun

Well played, Brian

To further complicate matters, Brian managed to find an even better gun in short time.


Not to be rude, but if you would you just die already, that would be great.

Inspired by his will to live, it was time to make things interesting. I found another seemingly undesirable Dweller and sent him out to test his merit!

Jacob leaves the Vault

Good luck, Jacob! (Not really)

Whichever Dweller died first would be left behind and the other would be allowed to return. Brian’s head-start proved to be a significant disadvantage.

Jacob takes radiation damage

Radiation Damage = A Bad Time

While Jacob stumbled into some bad luck, finding a Lab Coat instead of a weapon.

Jacob rockin' the Lab Coat

Making that white coat look good

It came down to the wire, but in the end, Brian fell first.

Brian - Dead

We can take solace in knowing he died in ridiculously comfortable clothing

But by the time I checked Jacob, he too had perished.

Jacob bit the dust too

Turns out Lab Coats aren’t a good choice to protect against Radscorpion stings. Who knew?!

More impressed with Brian’s efforts (and, let’s be honest, his loot), I revived him and sent him back to a hero’s welcome (nightwear and all).

Terry playing cards w/ ladies

“Got any aces?” “Go fish!”

You stay classy, Brian. But, really, what’s the takeaway here?

Terry Plays Ping Pong with Dames

“It’s better to be lucky than good?”

You might have a point there, Brian, but I learned much more from Jacob in death. After tapping and confirming my choice to remove Jacob, I was greeted with this unexpected message.


Congratulations on the unwanted child, Alice and Kyle!

That’s right. If you had any pregnant Dwellers hanging around, they will immediately give birth. After a quick head count, I found I had 9 more buns in the oven. You can imagine what happened next–a 10-Dweller, Last-Explorer-Standing, Vault-Clearing contest dubbed…The Wasteland Games!

Gerald Powell AKA Joe Nobody

“Games? I love games!”

I rounded up the 10 nearest Dwellers under level 12 and stripped them of their outfits and weapons to even the playing field. There were a variety of entrants, but who would win? There were entrants with a variety of SPECIAL stats (though none above 3), genders (5 men and women each), and a level range of 6-11. But who would ultimately be victorious?

Knowing that Dwellers with higher levels have more health, I was inclined to bet on the level 11 Dweller. Turns out, that wasn’t a bad choice! The higher level Dwellers outperformed the lower level Dwellers on average, but it turned out to be less important in survival time than I originally anticipated.

Next up was Endurance as a determining factor. Though the range was only 1-3, surely the Dwellers with more endurance could take a hit better than the less-sturdy. This proved to be true, but was essentially trivial in determining survival time.

Perhaps finding a good weapon or outfit earlier than the competition would provide an early advantage? This actually did provide a significant boost in survival time on average for the Dwellers, but the Dweller that survived the longest also went the longest without a weapon and rocked the nightwear for the majority of his journey, while his competition manage to scrounge up Radiation Suits and Battle Armor, yet still met an earlier grave. What could possibly be more important?

The most important factor in determining survival time is…

Brian Profile

Mustache Game?

Leveling up. Specifically, leveling up at the right time. The Wasteland Games champ had just the right amount of experience such that when he was nearing death, he managed to level up, restoring his health completely. Twice. Perplexingly enough, the winner avoided taking radiation damage during his 4-hour trek despite his 1 Endurance point.

Is it possible his 3 in Charisma +3 more from his Nightwear protected him from radiation? Is it all based on chance? The results are unclear from this excursion, but that’s something worth investigating further in future explorations. One thing is certain: level up timing is key to longevity is the Wasteland.

So, what’s the lesson we can learn from all of this?

Learn to count.

It was during the champ’s return that I realized that I had completely botched the math and that, in fact, 200 – 9 + 9 still equals 200, meaning I’d still have no room for my snazzy, Rare Dweller still firmly stationed outside of the Vault Door. Fortunately, after removing the last of the losing Dwellers, I was able to sneak my rare Dweller in before the last baby was born due to slight lag between births and quick reflexes, meaning the entire premise for The Wasteland Games was a farce! I could just have easily snuck my rare Dweller in before the baby was born.

As for the winner (who’s name also happened to be named Brian), he has begun training to become a super-explorer.

Brian, future supersoldier, training

Well said, Brian. Well said.